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puppet Animation, 2010






Hate for Sale

Cut-out Animation, 2017

Hate for Sale

Hate for Sale

We live in a world in which we consume hate as much as we are consumed by it. Hate for Sale examines the alluring, seductive and soothing qualities of this devouring emotion and why we keep buying into it. Hate for Sale is an original poem by Neil Gaiman, narrated by Peter Kenny, directed and animated by Anna Eijsbouts.

Created for the Visible Poetry Project 

Supported by the Dutch Film Fund

Hate for Sale was awarded Vimeo Staff Picks and pick of the day at Cartoon Brew

It has received Special Prize at Hiroshima Animation Festival, the Award for Tolerance at Zebra Poetry Film Festival, the Audience Award at the Weimar Poetry Film Festival, the Teacher's Choice Award at the Chicago International Children's Festival, it placed first at the International Pro Stop-Motion Category and third in the Audience Favorites of the Florida Animation Festival, was awarded a Distinction at the Animation Marathon

and received an Honorary Mention at Monstra Animation Festival.


Festival screenings include:

Take One Action Film Festivals , Viborg Animation Festival , Lowlands, StopTrik Festival , World Festival of Animated Film Varna, Klik Amsterdam Animation Festival, Crown Heights Film Festival, ANIMAGE, Animation Is Film Festival, Women in Animation, CRAFT International Animation Festival, BLON Animation & Games Festival, Fargo Film Festival, River Film Festival, Hiroshima Int. Animation Festival

Tired of swimming

Tired of Swimming

Tired of Swimming is a film about solitude in which a man is torn between the lingering presence of his dead wife, a fish in a jar and the reality of his lonely existence.

Directed and Animated by Anna Eijsbouts

Voices: Peter Caracciolo and Norma Cohen
Sound Design: Mauricio D'Orey
Sound Mix: Mike Wyeld
Additional Modelmaking: Jen Cardno, Josh Wedlake, Mirjam Baker, Phoebe Longley-Cook, Samantha Reidy, Marah Curran, Hollie Paxton
Additional Post-Production: Desmond Lo
Titles: Tiddo Muda
Colour Grading: Doychin Margoevski
Edited by: Lot Rossmark & Anna Eijsbouts

Graduation film Royal College of Art (2012)

Supported by the Prins Bernhard Cultuurfonds, Huygens Talent Programme, Blink Ink, Nat Cohen Scholarship

Tired of Swimming was awarded Vimeo Staff Picks, has won the Grand Prix at Early Melons Film Festival, Best Student Animation at Zwolle Animation Film Festival, 2nd place in the Video / Animation category of the East-West Art Awards and Best Experimental/Animation at the West Virginia Mountaineer Short Film Festival

The pink widows

The Pink Widows

Inspired by film noir, Humphrey Bogart and a pair of Louboutins, The Pink Widows is a short film about discovering love in an unexpected part of someone, and going for it, regardless of the cost.

Directed and Animated by Anna Eijsbouts

Voice: Jeremy Bierbach

Score: Babak Kamgar
Sound Design and Mix: Mark Thur
Titles: Tiddo Muda
Legs: Amber Verstegen
Edit: Lot Rossmark

Graduation film / Copyright Utrecht School of the Arts / Hogeschool voor de Kunsten Utrecht (2010)

Supported by Pedri Animation



An elderly woman waits impatiently for her son to come visit, but neither of them have anything to say when he is finally there.

Directed and Animated by Anna Eijsbouts

​​Sounddesign: Michiel Braas
Edit: Lot Rossmark

Made at / Copyright Utrecht School of the Arts / Hogeschool voor de Kunsten Utrecht (2009)

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