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The Upswing







Hansel and Gretel opera







Daken genoeg







Happy sad Song


I Hate You... But It's Killing Me


I Hate You... But It's Killing Me

Responsible for Animation and Animation Direction.

One of the animation snippets from the 2020 Winter Star Productions' Documentary I Hate You... But It's Killing Me

Hating surrounds us between nations, racial groups, ethnic groups, political groups, family members, cable and radio shows and it is tearing our country apart. This documentary does not delve into the philosophies that divide but something far deeper, the psychological and personal roots of hatred and how to overcome it so we can start a real conversation that will heal our lives, our nation, our world.

It features four people who are beating hate: World Karate Champion who overcame a deep racial hatred; a teen who tried suicide twice, an ex-gangbanger and TedTalk presenter; and a housewife who lost her brother in a drug overdose. .It also briefly looks at others who have struggled with hate from around the world, and has psychologists, counselors, and authors, who give practical advice to those who want to overcome their own struggle with hate.mixture of stop-motion, live-action and 2D animation in both studio and outdoors environment.


Directed by Lukas Behnken.

The Upswing


The Upswing

Official Music Video for Bell X1

​A mixture of stop-motion, live-action and 2D animation in both studio and outdoors environment.

Music: Bell X1

Hansel and Gretel


Hansel and Gretel

Dreamsequence animation performed with Synfonia D'Amici

Before the children go to bed they talk about food, and the dream traditionally features angels bringing them a sandwich.

This is a video from the performance at LSO St. Lukes in London, April 5th 2013, parts of the animation in full definition have made their way into my showreel.

Synfonia D'Amici was conducted by Harry gg

dAken Genoeg


Daken Genoeg / Roofs a plenty

Awareness video for

​Er zijn veel lege daken in de Stadion- en Apollobuurt in Amsterdam Zuid waar zonnepanelen op geplaatst kunnen worden. Samen met de bewoners in uw wooncomplex (huur of VvE) kunt u dit zelf organiseren.


There are a lot of empty roofs in the  Stadion- en Apollo neighbourhoods in Amsterdam where solar panels could be placed.

The Happy Sad song


The Happy Sad Song

Official Music Video for Dave J. Giles

​​​The video is a mix of live-action and stop-motion animation and was released in January 2013.

Music: Dave J. Giles

Girl: Anna Drost

To contact Anna Drost, please send Anna Eijsbouts an email.